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Product Exhaust Gas Analyser
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Part Number EGA0028
Exhaust Gas Analyser


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for Petrol/Gasoline, LPG and Diesel Engines
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Bar 97 Accurate

5 Gas Exhaust Analyser

Can be powered either by mains or 12 volt power source

This versatile machine presents exhaust gas analysis to operator in graphical and digital format on a PC screen.  Displayed for the operator are :

  • Carbon Dioxide %
  • Carbon Monoxide% or ppm
  • Hydrocarbons ppm  
  • Oxygen %
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) ppm
  • Lambda

Optional Extras Include :

  • PC based OBD2 Scanning module
  • 12V vehicle power adaptor


Note:- PC not included.

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