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Product Ignition Analysis System
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Part Number IAS1761
Ignition Analysis System



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Specifically designed for use on all ignition systems with spark plug leads. DFI, coil on plug, electronic ignition and points systems, without the need for expensive updates every time a new ignition system design, hits the market

ias.gif (36160 bytes) Will help locate problems such as :
  • Fouled or worn spark plugs
  • Incorrect spark plug gap
  • Open or shorted spark plug leads
  • Cylinder compression problems
  • Fuel mixture problems
  • Faulty ignition coils on DFI engines
  • Faulty coil, coil lead or cap and rotor
  • Faulty ignition modules
  • Faulty crank angle sensors
  • Faulty ignition module triggers

This small,inexpensive, but powerful tool can also power up & test ignition coils and/or modules in or out of the vehicle on Conventional Points, Electronic & Direct Fire Ignition Systems and Perform a Cylinder Balance Test  





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