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Product Digital Storage Oscilloscope
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Part Number DSO0001
Digital Storage Oscilloscope


Specifically designed for use on all Automotive Electronic Systems and ignition systems with spark plug leads, DFI, coil on plug, electronic ignition and points systems.

Will help locate problems with:
  • Anti-Lock Braking Sensors
  • Throttle Positions Sensors
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Camshaft Sensors
  • Air Mass Sensors
  • Crank Angle Sensors
  • Faulty coil, coil lead or cap and rotor
  • Faulty ignition modules
  • Faulty ignition coils on DFI engines
  • Faulty ignition module triggers
  • Current measurement available (Optional current probes required)

This small, inexpensive, but powerful tool operates from a PC or Laptop USB2 port and can display from 1 up to 4 channels at once. High speed capture rate, numerous recording and play back options, easy to use control bars, screen zoom function and accurate measurements cursor are just some of the features.

The powerful, PC based, oscilloscope software is designed to offer the service technician extremely high quality and resolution Ignition, Vacuum, Alternator, Fuel Injectors, and Lab Scope patterns and waveforms.



Proudly Made in Australia



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