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Engine Analysis System


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Concise, Generic, Vehicle Engine Testing

This remarkable machine presents engine combustion problems to operator in digital, graphical and text format. Faults such as "Ignition Misfire", "Lean Misfire", "Very Rich Air/Fuel Ratio" and many other diagnostic messages are displayed for the operator.

After measuring the exhaust gas content of a vehicle, the PC program calculates the  Lambda value of the Air/Fuel Ratio under all engine operating conditions, which include Starting, Idle, Engine Load, Cruise and Deceleration then determines how effective the combustion process was.

The EAS monitors engine mechanical condition, ignition performance as well as ECU, oxygen sensor, coolant temperature sensor, air temperature sensor, air mass measurement. throttle position sensor outputs on all Electronic Fuel Injected engines.

The EAS can be fully optioned to include an ignition & lab scope facility as well as generic OBD II and vehicle specific scan tool functions.



Total Diagnostic Test Station

The Coda Engine Analysis System is a generic, portable, PC based engine analysis system which includes a 5 gas exhaust analyser and Windows based software for data logging and sensor testing of engine management systems. The unit comes on a stand for installation in a workshop environment and can be removed if road testing diagnostics is required. It also consists of the Coda DSO 4 Channel PC based digital storage oscilloscope for testing ignition secondary, primary and crank angle signals as well as a capture and playback lab scope. This tool is supported via our web site and all software upgrades are free, The new Coda PC Data Scanner is also included and coupled with the Fuel system analyser you would be equipped with the most up to date test equipment available in the modern world.

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